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Cup of tea

Had a very bad fight with wife ,we were not talking to each other.

“grrrrrr” my stomach growled, damm these midnight cravings!!!

Went to kitchen, only knew “how to make tea” ,should have learned how to cook atleast for situations like these.

“grrrrrr” grrrrrr” okay okay stomach chill !! I am on it. I made two cups of tea hoping it will calm down my hunger.

“what are you up to Mr?” This was my wife’s voice ,I turned back with two cups of tea in my hands but didn’t speak a word . She looked at tea cups ,stared it for a good one minute and then her expressions softened , with moisture in her eyes she said “awwww baby you made tea for me !!!! “, “So you remembered about my headache!!”

I stammered “Headache ???!! No ,no I mean yes ,yes I made tea for you, I knew you were upset .

She hugged me and said,”I am sorry , I know ,I over reacted. It was my turn ,so I said “even I am sorry I should’ve listened to you”

After tea break, she asked “how do you manage to make up things every time? ”

“Well it just a cup of tea for me” ,I replied.

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“one packet of cigarette please” I said to the man at the grocery store…

“Smoking is injurious to health, how many times I have to tell you this Rehaan” , Simmi’s voice echoed in my head. I jerked off my thoughts, picked up the packet and walked out of the store.

I was walking aimlessly on the road , couldn’t decide where I should go, finally found an empty bench on the park and settled my body there because my mind was restless as I was remembering the conversation between me and Simmi.

Simmi my beautiful wife , the love of my life and my everything.

I remembered the day when we were sitting on the same bench of this park and were looking at the sun which was about to set, suddenly she said “you know Rehaan, i lost my dad due to cancer ,he was a chain smoker, i used to love him a lot but he couldn’t love us more than his cigarette” , her voice started cracking . I was about to say something but she continued “I love you a lot Rehaan , I can’t afford to lose you, so tell me Mr Rehaan taneja can you love me more than your cigarettes???

When you really love someone the tears in their eyes begin to hurt your soul, I couldn’t lose her so I didn’t replied but picked up the packet and threw it in the dustbin nearby and hugged her tightly that day I witnessed two moon glowing together , one in the sky and the another one in her teary eyes.

“so you started smoking again??!! ” I opened my eyes hastily and searched for her , I knew it was her voice but she was not present there, anyways I replied “yes I started smoking again”

“But why ?? Didn’t you promised you won’t???” , It’s her voice again.

“Ohh yeah !!! Didn’t you promised you will stay with me forever ?? “I replied angrily .

“What about your health Rehan?? , I told you it is…”

“Injurious to health??? “ I interrupted her voice ,” really!!!!! so tell me ,you never smoked ,so why you suffered from cancer, why this injurious disease found it’s home in your body ?? Why did you left me all alone in this world ????Just tell me Why????!!!” I looked at the sky and screamed and tears found their way out from my eyes .

I sat on the grass with my legs folded and took out the packet of cigeratte and the lighter out from my pocket , looked at the sky and with a determination on my face I said ,” wait for me Simmi, I am coming to meet you” and with that I took out all the cigarettes out from the packet and was trying to light all of them at once, “I will continue to do this everyday until our reunion Simmi, I can’t live in this world without you”I was screaming on the top of my lungs , yes!!! I have gone insane.

“Tapp” “Tapp” suddenly the raindrop start falling on my face and in a matter of second it started raining heavily ,me along with packet of cigarettes got drenched in the rain completely.

I looked up at the sky, my tears got mixed with rain water , I cried my heart out continuously for half an hour and when the rain water and the crying calmed me down a bit , I lay down on the grass closed my eyes and listened the whispering of the rain and it was saying-

“I am always with you Rehaan”

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Happy what!!!!???

Hey guys !!!!!

How are you all doing ??? Resumed your work or still stuck ??

so last night when I was about to sleep ,suddenly my brain found the perfect time to remind me of an “embarrassing incident” which happened exactly three years ago and I was like voila !!!! Sleep ruined but I had a good laugh !!!So I decided to share this with you all –

This was my friend’s birthday and we {me and my other friends} decided to surprise her , so we chose her best friend’s place , we decorated the place with balloon,candles and “Happy birthday” written posters and birthday caps {in case anyone missed the point that it was a birthday party, you have to be sure, isn’t it??} , Birthday cake ,coke and pasta and chocolates {yummy} have been arranged on the beautifully decorated table {kind of great party}

We were waiting for the “celebrity of the day” to come , be surprised {because it is lot of a hard work to plan a party and if it is surprise party,” exhausted” is the word, so she better be surprised} cut the cake so I can finally savour the goodies {priorities right??} , While we were waiting , her best friend was constantly guiding us one thing “As soon as birthday girl arrives just scream on the top of your lungs “Happy birthday” ,she repeated this multiple times “,just say happy birthday,just say happy birthday “, I got irritated {maybe impatient, I mean their is hot and yummy pasta kept on the table but you can’t eat it and the girl is taking way too much time} and in fit of irritation , I said “of course if it’s birthday ,we will say happy birthday and not happy anniversary, come on you”{hunger literally makes your horns visible}. And then suddenly the birthday girl arrived and we all are about to wish her but my poor little brain got confused and couldn’t process this much information at a time and before anyone could have said anything , I blurted out , no I almost screamed !!!!!!!!


the pin drop silence for the 10 seconds and those staring eyes made me realise about what I have just done and then their was never ending fit of laughter, everyone was going crazy and though I tried hard to hide, my embarrassment was quite visible and her best friend whom I schooled a minute ago was going like “sis you were talking, huhhhh”. I was the highlight of the party that day .

My friends and my brain don’t let me forget this thing till now and though I always say , I meant “Happy birth anniversary” they never buy it, do you people believe me??? *innocent puppy face*

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A Romantic Date Night

They were at the beach , holding hands , smiling and blushing , they made the quote ” love is in the air” so true . The magnificent moon was glowing, trying hard to outsmart the glow on their faces but failed miserably , the light breeze was trying to touch their evident love swiftly …

The boy pulled the chair for her lady , she chuckled and admired the arrangements made by him to make this date night memorable like the sea side arrangement , the white lily flowers , the red balloon hearts , the flickering candles and her favorite. ” red sauce pasta ” .

“But why only one plate!!???” What will you eat???” She enquired

you” he answered without a delay.

“ohhh !!! Come on you !! Just shut up !!! ” She blushed

“No, literally” he snarled at her with his fangs out .

That romantic date night, he savoured her warm blood heartily , the white lilies turned red and the moon hid behind the dark clouds.

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The transition

“Yesterday you were looking very beautiful, my love !!!!!!!!! I know you are stressesd due to the work , your boss is really a big trouble maker !!! But you don’t have to worry about him any more !!! Also the bracelet you brought yesterday from the mall , is very pretty but it can be very pricky, so be careful while wearing it as I can’t see you in pain my love, I know, today your dad on call was talking about your alliance with some engineer guy , just tell him that you don’t want to marry that idiot !!!! You are only mine !! I love you so much !!! ” The message ended.

“wow Jenny !!! Your boyfriend loves you so much !!! I wish I find someone like him too, where do you guys meet ?? Who proposed first???” I started teasing Jenny , my new roommate after reading this letter which was tucked in a huge bouquet of red roses and was kept on our balcony’s coffee table when we returned from the office.

“But I don’t have a boyfriend” she replied nervously, the visible fear in her eyes and sweat drops on her forehead was telling a different tale.

The transition from “romance” to “horror” was real quick.

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The legend of “Advice loaded people”


I am stuck !!! I am in a trouble !!! I couldn’t find out a way !!! I couldn’t find a ray of hope {okay okay less dramatic} so basically I need help or I am seeking for a advice !!! Notice my words “I AM SEEKING FOR A ADVICE” , so I will go and find someone best at the business , speak out my worries, the person will give me the best possible advice and voila the drill ended ,this is how it should be???? Yes !!!!!!

But but but my dear friends !!! There is a another category ,a rather active one who will give you advice about anything as they know everything ,you asked how ??? Firstly how dare you??!! and secondly because they have been there when big bang occurred ,they were there when first raindrop kissed the hot earth ,they were chilling out with dinosaurs even bid them farewell , how on the earth do you think that early man discovered fire ??? The discovery was only possible due to these people’s advice ,that’s a complete different thing that ,early man discovered wheel so that they can run away from these “advice loaded legends”. Let’s not get there !!!!

These people know everything about anything !! They exactly know what’s good or wrong for you, so you should definitely work according to their advice otherwise you are doomed !!!! What do you even mean by it’s your life?????

I know you wouldn’t agree !!!! Why would you ??? Your arogant minds doesn’t understand these great advice loaded people , let me give you some instance-

● You were lying on your sofa , you are tired after a long ,hectic day and they noticed your comfort and the advice started just here – why are you lying on sofa ,this will break the springs of your wooden sofa !!! IKR !!! Why are beds for??? What do you even mean by its your house, your sofa and none of their buisness??

● So you were lying on your sofa , you have switched on the TV and are scrolling through your phone screen !!!! Now these advice loaded people have all the rights provided by the almighty to judge that you are a jobless, useless fellow and that you should do better in your life , you should idealise their son/daughter and stop being a jerk , you should be hardworking like they were since the beginning of this world !!! Now you are listening to their struggle stories and your weekend have been ruined !!!

● you were in a great mood !!! You and your friends decided to have a little get-together at your residence !!! When the party starts you have the valuable advice of all the uncles that this is the age to work hard and you should not waste your time and money in these stupid parties and if you think this is over then wait until the party ends ,you are biding farewell to your friends which involves guys too and their all the aunty’s took the charge that when they were of our age, they were married and had two kids but still didn’t really knew the face of their husbands {WTF}

● you should know how to cook !!! You are a girl !!! How will you manage after marriage ??? Your in-laws will beat the shit out of you {hmmmm thank you very insightful and motivating thought , now I am really excited to get married , whoooohooo}

● Have you seen “Shahrukh Khan’s (biggest bollywood star) daughter’s latest instagram pic ???? What she was wearing the other day??? Her shorts were really short , do they don’t teach their kids anything ?? I just commented on his picture to teach his daughter to wear decent clothes , what do you mean by ,shahrukh khan doesn’t even know that I exist???!!

● you are preparing for an entrance exam and they find you being all cheerful and happy although its your break time after a long hours of study and now you are doing some refreshment activities instead of stuffing your head in the books 24×7, now they have all the rights to tell you how to study, what to study and how not to be happy if you want to crack this entrance examination because their “big brother’s- son’s- friend’s- father’s – son” has followed these advice and now he is in Forbes list of richest personalities.

● you are a guy in your mid 20’s and didn’t have a job ??? The advice loaded people have all the rights to turn into a “astrologer” and tell you that you didn’t gonna survive in this world and also just forget about marriage {basically you will be a virgin forever} what do you even mean by passion or ambition ??? Bollywood has just ruined your minds . So basically just follow the path followed by “God’s own child” which is their son otherwise you will always be doomed .

Advice loaded people association head – In our defense, we just wanna say that , we feel you are like our own son\daughter !!!! That’s a different thing that we have earned a thousands of son and daughter in this way !!! We care for you !!! What do you mean by you have your own set of parents ?????. If only we have someone in our life to advice us like we are with you , today we would have become something better in our life and would have reached if not great then to some height and would not have this much leisure time and also we wouldn’t have to satisfy our ego in your failures so try and understand our plight you selfish generation ……. And also if you had read this till the end , which you must do, then I must say you should like and comment your views ,this is our genuine advice right now!!! Just do it!!!!!!!

hey friends !!! I tried something new !!! Tell me if I should continue it ??? Or this one was a mehhhh !!!

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“Beep” and the notification blinked , it was from wordpress, someone commented on her latest blog –

“wow priya !!!! You have explained the plight of a woman so well !! ” a broad smile spread on her face , she was about to reply the comment when she heard Ashok ,her husband ‘s almost screaming voice “Priya where’s the breakfast??? I am already late” she went straight to the kitchen and served him breakfast ,

“sandwiches??? You know very well I don’t like them, can’t you make something good???!! What do you do all day sitting at home anyway ??!!” The last line almost crushed her heart but she didn’t replied because she doesn’t want to spoil her mood as she wanted to discuss something important from him about her job , she wanted to start working again and also got an offer from a leading magzine .

“you’re an amazing writer mam” her comment notification beeped again .

“so these comments made you think that you can become a writer??!! Mrs j k Rowling !!! “ Ashok asked sarcastically , he further continued “look Priya I can not allow you to work, who will look after this house, our kids , everything will become a mess and is their any wish of your’s which I haven’t fulfilled , what’s the need of the job then?? People like you will not understand this office and work culture,you will be a misfit there, better do what you are good at like cooking , looking after kids and managing this house”

“But Ashok” she said with tears in her eyes ,her voice fumbled.

“No more discussions on this topic Priya” he left.

“Mam your article on women empowerment is the best I have ever read, I really loved it and have a great respect for the strong opinionated lady like you” she read the latest comment on her post with a bitter smile ,teary eyes and a wounded soul .

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Love parameters

“she loves me “, he said while stamping his legs on the ground.

In your dreams, she loves only and only me “, the other boy replied in stiff voice .

For a second or two ,there was complete silence in the room, They were both staring at each other angrily and panting heavily.

The storm was brewing and the clouds were thundering {nothing dramatic it was a rainy season} they both clenched their teeth hard.

She made my favourite dish yesterday remember??!! She loves me the most” , the first boy said

Oh really!!!, it was my favourite dish too and also yesterday she brought a new watch for me, remember??!, the other boy replied.

Now the things were going little out of the hand, they were about to engage in a fist fight , so eventually she had to intervene , she had a glass of carrot juice in her hand , “whoever will finish this in one go ,is the one I love most“, she said and smirked.

Both of them hate carrot juice and she knows that,

You drink it,she love you the most “the first one said

“No ,no you drink it, I guess you are the one she loves”, the other replied.

That’s when dad returned from the market , “it’s a humid day ,give me a glass of water, my neck is as dry as sahara desert “, he said while wiping off sweat from his forehead.

She handed him same glass of carrot juice. Dad drank it all as he was very thirsty.

The mother of the two smiled and the kids were startled , now they know whom does their mother loves the most.

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Cute fights

I am a sub inspector at gomti nagar police station and also a mother of two lovely children , some times I get really tired to find balance between work and home, “i will apply for leave this Saturday” I thought while i was wearing my uniform. Suddenly I heard

“Thadddd” and then loud crying of ruhi my daughter , “ahhh they started again” I mumbled.

I went to their room ,ruhi was crying inconsolably and vansh her big brother was mocking her ,

“What happened ruhi ? Why are you crying ?” I made her sit in my lap and asked,

“Vansh bhaiya slapped me” ,she replied and flashed her left cheek in front of me which has became red , she started crying again.

Vansh why did you slapped your younger sister, I asked with a strictness in my voice

“She was not listening to me” ,vansh replied

I was getting late for my duty so I tried to console ruhi by giving her cookies, anyways this is their everyday routine, first they will fight and then will become friends again , I put her to sleep and asked vansh to not trouble ruhi and came out of their room and thought “these children and their cute fights” and smiled .

At police station –

I was engrossed in an important case file, suddenly a girl of almost 23 years of age came in front of me

She had a plaster on her left hand, several bruises on her face and body, as if someone had beaten her badly

“Domestic violence??” I enquired , as in my career I have seen many such cases .

She noded but didn’t speak a word

“Your husband or in laws??” I further enquired

She shook her head for a ‘no’ and said “mam I am unmarried”

“Who did this to you then ??”I asked surprisingly

“My brother” she replied

“What??? But why ?? “I had an uneasiness in my tone, what kind of brother beats her sister this badly,do their parents don’t teach them anything.

“Because I was not listening to him” she said and started sobbing.

I don’t know why but in her bruised face I saw glimpse of ruhi, as if she was sitting in front of me and was crying, I felt a pain in my heart,

I asked in low tone “since when all this started??”

“Since CHILDHOOD”, she replied.