Small joy tag

So I got tagged in Small joy tag by- Check out her blog as she have posted about beauty , health and even some yummy food recepies . You still reading???!! Follow her blog


  1. Thank the blogger who tagged you
  2. List 15 of your small joys
  3. Tag 5 blogger friends who bring you joy, feel free to say why!

My 15 small joys list –

  • A good and a deep sleep, ohh i can’t tell you how much I got energised after a good sleep , I think I am a certified “sleeping beauty” {this is what I always say to stop people from calling me lazy }
  • A good “baraati dance session” {free style dancing} in my closed room on song “oh ho oh ho ishq tera tadpave” .
  • I just love earings especially jhumka , and whenever I get one ,I am the happiest.
  • I love chocolates , munching them gave me immense joy (also acne , pimple and some calories but who’s complaining)
  • when i watch a movie without any expectations and it turns out to be good {currently hooked to south indian films}
  • when someone appreciate me (Inside me inflates like a hot air balloon)
  • I love to tease my mother .
  • when some unknown person is kind to me.
  • when my brother compliments me {happens once in every 72 years}
  • Singing {to be precise screaming} song “senorita” on top of my lungs with my headphones on .
  • when people notice my efforts and appreciate it (again happens in every 72 years)
  • Window shopping { I watch dresses, makeup ,shoes online , imagine myself in those and then switch to next site or next product and the cycle continues}
  • Whenever I am able to apply “perfect wing eyeliner” in one stroke.
  • Whenever my school friends remember that I exist and they call me.
  • Now a days , whenever I see comments on my posts ,that cheer me up

{ps – I also like the “someone is following your blog” notification ,so 😉😉}


Thank you ,once again for tagging me💗

Leibster award

I got nominated for my first ever wordpress award “Leibster award” by two people ,  I am very thankful to them.

Firstly by , I am very thankful to her for nominating me, she makes awesome blogs about makeups and  DIY’s  ,which is very useful for the beginners like me , guys checkout her blog if you’re also a makeup enthusiast.

I got my second nomination from , again I am very thankful to her for nominating me ,guys do checkout her blogs , if you all wanna see live example of mixture of awesomeness and maturity together ,  follow her blog if you haven’t already .


  • Thanks the blogger who has nominated you and provide the link of their blog.
  • Answer the 11 question given to you.
  • Nominate 11 other blogger.
  • Ask your nominees 11 question.
  • Notify your nominees once you have uploaded your post.

As two people have nominated me for this awards, I have to answer two different sets of questions .

Anjali Mam questions , My answers –

1.Introvert or Extrovert? Reason?

I am an introvert ,  I like to listen other people’s stories but idea of sharing mine doesn’t excite me, though I have many stories to share and this blog is helping me to write my heart out .

2.Which is your Favorite movie and why?

A lot of movies are my favorite, I can’t choose one but my current favourite movie is “96” it’s a Tamil movie and if you hadn’t seen it , leave everything aside  and watch this movie right now .

3. When is your birthday?

26 february

4.Who are your favorite bloggers?

All the bloggers I follow are my favourites , they all are so good in their respective fields , so I can’t decide one .

5.Describe yourself in 5 words?

Over thinker , moody, caring , responsible, emotional.

6. What is your ambition?

Right now it is to succeed in my exams.

7.What’s special about the country you live in?

UNITY IN DIVERSITY, different culture , traditions and religions , different languages, it’s lively and colourful festivals, tasty and different variety of food , from beaches to mountains ,you can find it all in my magnificent INDIA.

8.Favorite destination outside your country?

I would like to go-

Tokyo . {Effects of watching anime}

9.Best advice by your best friend?

“Don’t lose hope , I know you can do it, it’s just a matter of time ,things will be better for you ” . I don’t know about best but she always say these words to me.

10.Your best way of passing time?

Jumping from one youtube video to another.

11.Tell one of your good memory ?

My school had taken us for an educational trip and that day was also my birthday . My classmates sang birthday song for me at the hill top , that day was fun.

Infinitelydime questions ,My answers-

1.What is your dream destination?

In india , I want to visit kerala and outside india , I want to visit Tokyo.

2.What is your favourite movie?

Right now it is “96” and also “Ratsasan” both of them are must watch.

3.What’s the best qoutes you remember?

“Whoever is happy will make others happy too.” –Anne Frank

4.If you write a piece or a book and it goes viral but someone takes the credit for your work. What will be your reaction?


I would be very disheartened , as I am very emotional person and if it’s my hard work ,I can’t let other person take the credit. I may spend a day or two crying my heart out.

5.Whats your best childhood memory?

There was the small shop outside my primary school ,which used to sell small packets of tamarind with black salt  and after the last bell rings , I used to run very fast to that shop to buy my little packet of joy. {My mouth started salivating again}

6.Who is the most inspiring person in your life?

My mother

7.If you could do one thing in this world and do it to perfection. What would it be?
Singing because I am horrible at it , so if I can do that to perfection that would be awesome.

8.What’s your favourite time of the day?

Nap time , my favorite

9.Imagine visiting your 7-10 year old self, what would be his/her advice or message to your current self?

Speak up , it won’t make you a bad girl , be brave , stop being afraid . These good grades are not permanent so enjoy your life a little bit.

10.Whats the one thing you learned during this time of lockdown?

That being introvert is a bliss.

11.What inspired you towards blogging?

I always wanted to write stories , so I find blogging  a good option . I am also trying to connect with different peoples by this medium which may help to boost my confidence.

Whoever wants to participate is nominated.

This blog has 11+11 =22 questions , you can choose your questions from these.

Once again thank you for the nomination .💗 I am so happy right now.


“Her condition is very serious, she don’t have much time left” , the doctor said

I stood their still , shocked and trying to absorb whatever he just said ,

“Is she really leaving me??”, I felt like someone punched me really hard on my chest, I wanted to cry but tears betrayed me.

The Doctor said , “you can meet her “

With heavy steps ,I went towards her room , she has became very pale and weak, with all those different tubes inserted in her body , her sunken eyes and tired expressions made her look lifeless.

I gathered all my strength and asked her , “you need anything granny ???”

She looked at me and with a faint smile she nodded

“What is it ?” , I asked

“kajal{Kohl}”, she replied in a very weak voice.

“Kohl ?????!!” , I was surprised,as I was not expecting this answer,

“But why???” I enquired.

Your grandfather loved my eyes whenever I used to apply kajal {Kohl} , he didn’t let me leave my eyes without kajal{Kohl} ,even for a single day,

“Now when I am going to meet him again in heaven ,how can I leave without it”. She replied and blushed like a newlywed while imagining about her reunion.

Cute fights

I am a sub inspector at gomti nagar police station and also a mother of two lovely children , some times I get really tired to find balance between work and home, “i will apply for leave this Saturday” I thought while i was wearing my uniform. Suddenly I heard

“Thadddd” and then loud crying of ruhi my daughter , “ahhh they started again” I mumbled.

I went to their room ,ruhi was crying inconsolably and vansh her big brother was mocking her ,

“What happened ruhi ? Why are you crying ?” I made her sit in my lap and asked,

“Vansh bhaiya slapped me” ,she replied and flashed her left cheek in front of me which has became red , she started crying again.

Vansh why did you slapped your younger sister, I asked with a strictness in my voice

“She was not listening to me” ,vansh replied

I was getting late for my duty so I tried to console ruhi by giving her cookies, anyways this is their everyday routine, first they will fight and then will become friends again , I put her to sleep and asked vansh to not trouble ruhi and came out of their room and thought “these children and their cute fights” and smiled .

At police station –

I was engrossed in an important case file, suddenly a girl of almost 23 years of age came in front of me

She had a plaster on her left hand, several bruises on her face and body, as if someone had beaten her badly

“Domestic violence??” I enquired , as in my career I have seen many such cases .

She noded but didn’t speak a word

“Your husband or in laws??” I further enquired

She shook her head for a ‘no’ and said “mam I am unmarried”

“Who did this to you then ??”I asked surprisingly

“My brother” she replied

“What??? But why ?? “I had an uneasiness in my tone, what kind of brother beats her sister this badly,do their parents don’t teach them anything.

“Because I was not listening to him” she said and started sobbing.

I don’t know why but in her bruised face I saw glimpse of ruhi, as if she was sitting in front of me and was crying, I felt a pain in my heart,

I asked in low tone “since when all this started??”

“Since CHILDHOOD”, she replied.


Cup of tea

Had a very bad fight with wife ,we were not talking to each other.

“grrrrrr” my stomach growled, damm these midnight cravings!!!

Went to kitchen, only knew “how to make tea” ,should have learned how to cook atleast for situations like these.

“grrrrrr” grrrrrr” okay okay stomach chill !! I am on it. I made two cups of tea hoping it will calm down my hunger.

“what are you up to Mr?” This was my wife’s voice ,I turned back with two cups of tea in my hands but didn’t speak a word . She looked at tea cups ,stared it for a good one minute and then her expressions softened , with moisture in her eyes she said “awwww baby you made tea for me !!!! “, “So you remembered about my headache!!”

I stammered “Headache ???!! No ,no I mean yes ,yes I made tea for you, I knew you were upset .

She hugged me and said,”I am sorry , I know ,I over reacted. It was my turn ,so I said “even I am sorry I should’ve listened to you”

After tea break, she asked “how do you manage to make up things every time? ”

“Well it just a cup of tea for me” ,I replied.

Bad day

A big horrifying monster was staring at me angrily with his scary eyes , he was so angry that I can literally feel death was coming to me, he snarled at me and said “shantanu , you are useless , you couldn’t even complete the single task assigned to you, now forget about your promotion and also about shifting to new head office, you will be stuck in this office forever ” the monster grunted.

“ha ha ha ha ” this maniac started laughing fiercely , suddenly he pushed me down the cliff , I was falling down{of course in slow motion} and was screaming

“Thadddddddddd” and I fell down from my bed,I was dreaming. “Ahhhhh” my back hurts !!!! As soon as I got up my feet lay on my shoes which was lying there and I slipped and fell again !!!

“And this my friend is what we call an wonderful morning”

I saw the time, I was late for the office again, i started getting ready in haste,the deo helped me to skip the bath ,styled my hair with plain water ,was toasting my bread on stove ,when my phone started ringing, it was my mum’s call , she was worried for me,like every other mother in this universe .

I picked up the call , she just went away with her question answer round , like if I had my breakfast, had eaten apple or not ? am I stressed because I lost my promotion chance yesterday , mom’s I tell you …

i told her that “I am fine” but she sensed my sadness,she said “shantanu we are with you,I know you worked really hard for this promotion but my heart says, you must be getting something nicer in return my child, don’t lose hope , everything is fine, the day is not bad afterall. And she hung up .

Her words really makes me feel good, how she just managed to change my mood in a matter of some minutes . Mom’s I tell you….

I thought “maybe she is right, maybe I am going to get something nicer in return , maybe the day is not bad after all !!! ” I felt motivated , but what’s this burning smell , ohh my bread , I forget to turn off the stove.

My breakfast and my motivation both burned to the ashes !!!! Who am I kidding , the day is really bad !!

I reached office late and the monster,oops my bad , I mean my boss gave me death stare.

Suddenly Rahul came and said “shantanu you know i got promote yesterday and i am shifting to head office tomorrow,so today is my farewell party and you must come .

I clenched my teeth real hard my fist tightened, i can really feel my heart burning in burner. I said “of course rahul I will come” with a straight face and fake smile

Rahul and me were the only competitors for this promotion and I was leading but at last moment rahul turned out to be monster’s oops I mean my boss’s distant relative’s son and this is how folks I lose this war.

I was in a bad mood all day, I did not feel like working today. Whenever the monster oops I mean my boss came in front of me my heart cussed him a little more .

At farewell party, I was feeling like smashing everybody present here. This rahul is cutting cake , look how he is laughing , still looks like a joker.

Today I would be in his place, if i was the distant relative of this monster {no oops this time ,he is a monster}

After the rahul’s farewell speech, the monster came forward and announced “rahul you were a fabulous employee,the office will miss you “,.

“Huhhh!!! miss you !! If you miss him so much ,just go with him too” , i muttered.

He continued ” but to fill in your shoes , I will like to invite “Ms Pooja sharma” she will be joining the office today on rahul’s place ….

whatttttttttt????!!!! Pooja ????? Pooja sharma???!!!! I exclaimed !!!! My crush from the college days , not just crush she was the love of my life , we used to be together like everyday and in everything , ohh man I loved her with all my heart but didn’t had guts to express my feelings. Then she left for the US for further studies and we had no contact after that !!!

I can’t believe She was standing in front of me , again !! She became a little more beautiful, the dimples on her cheeks when she smiles ,the twinkling of her eyes when she speaks was exact like before , oh my !!! My heart was pounding very fast like it used to, when she used to be around me . Suddenly world around me changed , I congratulated rahul twice for his promotion and this time, with all my heart , I thanked my boss , “my respectable sir” for not giving me promotion,in my mind for like thousand times.

After her introductory speech, it was her introductory meeting with co workers.

I thought she would be very happy after seeing me and maybe give me a hug , who knows, I grinned.

I went to her, we exchanged looks and , and ,and , and.

Nothing happened, she gave me a formal smile and said “nice to meet you shantanu, looking forward to work with you”

I came back to my seat , I told you earlier this is the bad day, no it is worst now!!! My first and only love , didn’t even recognized me,my heart was breaking in million pieces !!!

At evening , I left office early I can’t tolerate this place any more , I was at bike stand when I heard “shantanu” ,I turned back it was pooja’s voice ,she continued “how are you?” I said “fine” with a long face .

She said “sorry, there were too many people at party so couldn’t talk to you ”

Though I was angry but she was looking extra beautiful in this black kurti and blue jeans ,and with her hair open I just got mesmerised again, I said ” No ,no I completely understand,it’s ok ” anyways how are you??

She replied, “you want to talk everything in this bike stand only???, You are still a miser ” and she chuckled !!!

“let’s go to the coffee shop ,I have to tell you tonns of stories” she said and her eyes twinkled .

I was so happy , I couldn’t say a word , I just nodded ok . Mum was right

“The day was not bad after all”

Practical dosti

Hindi story on friendship

आज अपनी अलमारी संभल रही थी की  धप्प से एक एल्बम के गिरने की आवाज़ आई | मैंने उस एल्बम को उठा के देखा ,धुल जम गयी थी उसपर , जब धूल उड़ाई और एल्बम खोल कर देखा तो महसूस हुआ  की धुल केवल इस एल्बम पर ही नहीं जमी थी , इस एल्बम के किरदारों के बीच भी जम गयी थी |

 इस एल्बम मे मेरी किसी वक़्त की सारी दुनिया बस्ती है| हम सभी दोस्तों की शैतानिया है इन पन्नो मे|  मैं यूँही सारी तस्वीरें देखती रही , उन लम्हो को दोबारा जीती रही जो 

मुट्ठी मे बंद रेत सा कब फिसल गया कुछ पता ही ना चला !!!!

शुभी और मैं कैसे जोर जोर से हँस रहे है इस तस्वीर मे और ये वाली तस्वीर मे सारन्या का मुँह कैसे भठूरे की तरह फुला हुआ है , इस तस्वीर को खींचवाने से पहले हमने उसे तंग जो किया था और ये हमारे पूरे ग्रुप की सेल्फी है दस लड़कियों का  ग्रुप था हमारा और बस यही हमारी पूरी दुनिया हुआ करती थी|

तब कहा सोचा था की दूरी बढ़ते ही हम सब भी दूर हो जाएंगे , की बदलते वक़्त के साथ दोस्ती के मायने भी बदल जाएंगे !!!  

जब फ़ोन , व्हाट्सप्प जैसे साधन नहीं थे तो खूब बातें होती थी आज सारे साधन है बस बातें ही नहीं है |  स्कूल से निकलते ही सबने अपनी अपनी राहें पकड़ ली , सबको जिंदगी के रफ़्तार के साथ कदमताल जो मिलाना था |  पर  फ़ोन अगर आ जाये एक दूसरे का, तो घंटो घंटो बतियाते थे हम , दिल को एक तस्सली सी मिलती थी की चलो कुछ नहीं बदला |  

फिर फ़ोन आने भी काम हो गए और बातें भी , दिल को खूब समझाया की जरूर किसी जरुरी काम मे उलझे होंगे , पढाई ज्यादा होगी,इसीलिए बात नहीं कर पा रहे है वरना तो हमारी दोस्ती सबसे मजबूत है |

वो फ्रेंडशिप डे का दिन था जब हम साथ थे तो बड़े ख़ुशी से एक दूसरे के लिए बैंड्स लेते थे , मुझे आज भी याद है पापा से फ़ोन मांग कर अपनी डायरी से सबका नंबर निकाल क़र  एक एक को कॉल करके विश किया करती थी , सबसे पहले विश करके क्या मिलता था ये तो पता नहीं पर किला फ़तेह कर लेने जैसी ख़ुशी होती थी ,  न जाने कितने सालों से ये सिलसिला कायम था , पर पता नहीं क्यों इस बार मेरा मन  किया की देखे इनमे से पहले कौन विश करता है क्युँकि  विश तो करेंगे ही इतना तो विश्वास था पर पहले कौन किला फ़तेह करेगा ये देखना चाहती थी मैं |  

पर जब सारा दिन गुजर  गया और किसी का कॉल तो छोड़िये मैसेज तक नहीं आया तो कुछ खटका था दिल मे , मैंने दिल को फिर मानना चाहा की अब तो हम सब बड़े हो गए है ये सब बचकाने दिन थोड़ी ही मानते फिरेंगे और मन सही करने के लिए उन्ही फेसबुक खोल लिया सबसे पहली  ही पोस्ट शुभी की थी अपनी नई दोस्तों के साथ बाहर घूमने गयी थी शायद वही की फोटो डाली थी  और  कैप्शन था “हैप्पी फ्रेंडशिप डे ” !!! कुछ चुभ गया था दिल मे नहीं ये जलन नहीं थी बस एक तरह की तकलीफ थी जिसको बयाँ कर पाना मुश्किल है !!!!     

खैर दिवाली पे हम सब अपने शहर वापस लौटे , मैंने सबसे मिलने की सोची पर जब एक के बाद एक,सभी ने कोई न कोई मज़बूरी बता कर आने से मना कर दिया तो दिल पे लगा घाव थोड़ा और गहरा गया , कई सालों से मैं और गरिमा साथ मिलकर रंगोली बनाया करते थे , पर इस साल जब दिवाली बीत भी गयी पर गरिमा नहीं आयी तो दूरियों का एहसास और भी बढ़ गया फिर ये सोच के की हर बार वो ही क्यों,मै क्यों नहीं मिलने चली जाती उसके घर पहुंची , वो उस समय घर पर नहीं थी पर उसकी मम्मी को बोल कर आयी थी मैं की जब गरिमा आये तो उसे कहियेगा की कॉल कर ले मुझे , आज दो दिवाली बाद भी न उसका कॉल आया न वो !!!  

 फिर बदल लिया था मैंने अपने आप को , तकलीफ तो हुई थी पर उमीदें लगनी बंद कर दी थी मैंने , इसीलिए नहीं की उम्मीद टूटेगी तो दिल दुखेगा बल्कि इसलिए,क्यूंकि मैं इस छलावे से बाहर  ही नहीं आना चाहती थी की हमारी दोस्ती आज भी वैसी ही है , मुझमे असलियत स्वीकार करने की हिम्मत ही नहीं थी,इसीलिए काट लिया था मैंने खुदको सबसे , किसी को कॉल नहीं करती थी ,सोशल मीडिया से दुरी बना ली और खुदके साथ समय बिताना शुरू  कर दिया |  

खैर अब अगर दोस्तों मे से किसी का सात -आठ महीने मे एक बार कॉल आ जाए तो उनकी पहली लाइन ही यही होती है की “तू तो बड़ी आदमी हो गयी है , कॉल ही नहीं करती या तुझे तो याद ही नहीं आती” और मैं बस मुस्कुरा के रह जाती हूँ !! नहीं अब मै किसी से नारज़ नहीं हूँ न ही किसी से भी कोई शिकायत है क्यूंकि अब समझ आ गया है की समय और जिंदगी किसी के आने जाने से रूकती नहीं !!!  

और जब भी अपने पुराने दिनों की याद आती है मै पहुँच जाती हूँ आँखें बंद कर के फिर से अपने स्कूल , जी लेती हूँ उन लम्हो को दुबारा !!!!  

अब आप कहेंगे की कही,दोस्ती टूटने पे इतना भी दुःख होता है की इतना बड़ा भाषण दे डाला मैडम आपने , ये तो आपने बचकाना बातें करदी , हाँ अगर प्रेमी से अलगाव हुआ होता तब आपकी ये करुण गाथा सुनकर हमारा भी दिल भर आता पर ये क्या बात हुई की दोस्ती टूट गयी तो आप रोना रोने लगी , क्या कहते है आजकल “हाँ प्रैक्टिकल बनो “!!!   यही तो मात खा जाते है सब  क्यूंकि प्रेम और दोस्ती मे अंतर है जहाँ                         प्रेम की शुरुयात ही होती है बनावट से , नाटकीयता से , जो आप नहीं हैं वो आप दिखावा करने की कोशिश करते हैं,सामने वाले को प्रभावित करने के लिए जबकि दोस्ती की बात करे तो असली दोस्ती वहाँ शुरू होती है जहाँ सारी नाटकीयता ख़तम हो , जहाँ बनावट के सारे परदे गिर जाए  !!!

 “श्री कृष्णा की सोलह हज़ार रानियाँ थी पर सुदामा केवल एक “मैं प्रेम को दोस्ती से कम नहीं आंक रही , इनका तो आकलन किया ही नहीं जा सकता क्यूँकि मेरी नज़र मैं- “सच्चे प्यार की शुरुयात दोस्ती से होती है और दोस्ती मे होता है सच्चा प्यार” !!!!!  

मेरा तो बस इतना ही कहना है की दोस्ती के टूटने पर भी बहुत तकलीफ होती है,अगर आप मरहम नहीं बन सकते तो “प्रैक्टिकल बनो इमोशनल फूल नहीं”ये बोलकर सामने वाले का मज़ाक न बनाये !!!

हो सके तो अपने स्कूल कॉलेज के दोस्तों के लिए भी समय निकले , उनसे बात करते रहे क्यूंकि अब तो इस भाग दौड़ भरी जिंदगी मे सब कुलीग बन कर ही रह गए है !!!  दोस्त बने हुए तो ज़माने बीत गए 

वैसे अभी अभी शुभी का मैसेज आया है –

कहा है यार ?? तू तो बिलकुल भूल ही गयी !! 

Satyam’s story

It was evening when I looked outside, the sky was clear, light breeze was blowing,some children were playing cricket in the park. “You are out” someone screamed at the top of his lungs,must be sudhir ,he always scream like that when he don’t get batting for a long time 

“What are you thinking Mr Daydreamer” Gaurav sir snapped at me in his heavy voice,Suddenly I left the park and came back to my small study room,where i was solving the trigonometric equation , “this is what you call concentration?” He again snarled at me , I was unable to answer, so I decided to let him speak, anyway they all speak, nobody has to listen to me.He was still glaring at me,”Show me your copy” he said and then snatched it from my hands , “Answers of Three Questions are wrong” he said . But seven answers are correct too i thought , but didn’t utter a word !!

Suddenly mom entered the room with cup of tea in her hands , Gaurav sir’s tone magically changed ,he said “satyam you are a bright child i know,but you lack concentration and practice, you are not working hard enough”, mom’s expressions became tightened, i can see the hint of disappointment on her face.

Anyways Gaurav sir left , and  I sat down with my head bowed on my study table and started thinking that in a while Tiwari sir would come to teach physics and till the evening he would go cricket match will be over.

Dinner was served at the dinner table at night , suddenly dad asked how is my preparations for board exams are going ? I knew that the answer to this question will be given by him only, he is just asking me for formality, I said it’s fine

He continued, Gaurav sir was saying you are not studying well, i sneaked at mom ,I know that she told this to him,she didn’t look at me, i didn’t utter a word,i knew its of no use,they have already decided what they wanna say and believe, 
” Do you wanna spoil our family’s name and reputation ?!?” He grunted I didn’t spoke ,he went on “you know the amount i am spending on our studies,your schools, your extra tuitions?” And here u are goofing around” his voice became louder , “tell me if you don’t wanna study at all?” “You wanna become vegetable seller or what ? ” 

I sat there quietly with my head bowed ,absorbing whatever words were thrown at me,after dad got up from the dining table,mom sat beside me and said”just tell me satyam why do you do this son? ,see how hurt he is , why do you do this ?I didn’t said a word again,its of no use !!! 

I suddenly glanced at the calendar, its been 4 months i didn’t go out for playing cricket,its been 4 months i hadn’t been to my friends place to play our favourite video game !! Its been 4 months i didn’t smiled !! And this will continue for another 5 months till my boards exam

Last year my cousin sister scored 94% in her boards exam,from that day, dad and mom became participants in an unknown competition in which i was their horse on which they were betting on ,the stakes were high even the ambitions were but i was left behind ,but who really cares ??

Next day , dad said enough of wasting your time satyam ,from now there’s another maths teacher will teach you after school and then gaurav sir will also teach you maths but different chapter ,like this you can complete your syllabus in half of the time and will have ample time for revision !!! I just felt like screaming ,like scream my lungs out, but i just said “ok” 

And today is the result day, the day for which I just feared the most the site keep collasping again and again ,even the site can’t bear such amount of pressure ,whatever !!! 

Mom was constantly praying,luring god for 1kg ladoos (sweet) in exchange for my good marks ,sorry my bad for my 95% 

Finally the site responded,i scored 89% , i think that god didn’t liked the bargain !! I was happy because i really worked hard for this, and i got what i deserved but the world around me was in complete state of shock ,the ground beneath my mum dad’s shook !!! Dad gave me a disgusted look, mom was sad !! Well this is what i deserved for not getting into 90’s line !!! Relatives keep calling , adding fuel to my dad’s anger and to make my mom weep more and more !! My house was looking like someone has died and everyone was mourning for the loss !! My friends and teachers keep on congratulating me,but that means nothing to me now,                                                  i just wanted to see these two people happy !! But destiny has different plans !! My neighbours asked my dad to celebrate as their kid has scored whooping 89% but dad told them “satyam is really sad,he didn’t want to celebrate ”

I didn’t WANT TO???, does anyone really care in this house ,what i really wanted,??,NO  because no one ever asked ,what i really wanted !! 

•>I wanted to play cricket for my school team,which you didn’t let me join

•>I wanted to celebrate every festival with joy and without the guilt of wasting my “precious” time

 •>I wanted to go to the picnic with my classmates which i didn’t go due to a silly test

•>I just wanted to ask out my crush for an icecream date

•>I just wanted to live a life of a normal teenager

•>I didn’t wanted to join 2 coaching for a single subject 

•>I didn’t wanted my freinds to call me a ‘nerd

•>I didn’t wanted to lose my bestfreind because i couldn’t gave him time 

•>I just wanted to be happy,which you didn’t let me to

•>I just wanted that you people had appreciated my hardwork

•>I just wanted to listen “proud of you son” from you people instead of you are ashamed of me

I  lost my friends,my cricket team,my crush ,my self esteem ,my social life ,my happiness because of your obsession for some numbers !!!And what do you people get from this obsession, today neither you people are happy nor i am
I wish its some kind of story  ,where i can tell you people about my feelings

and you just realise your mistakes ,and with tears in your eyes you would say “i am proud of you son,i am sorry” 

But its real life and not a movie ,things don’t sort out in real world like that,If i can say my feelings to them,i will be labelled as spoiled and misbehaving child !!  I hate this feeling !!! So i did exactly what i am good at,i went to their room and said “sorry, for letting you down”

Next day, dad just entered my room and said “satyam its high time you should realise what harm you have done ,and to rectify this mistake you have one chance ,here’s the form of IIT coaching classes, fill it,.


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