My Relationship

Hello everyone !!!!

so the month of September have been a crazy ride for me and let me tell you it was not at all fun instead a very sad ride !!!! As I already mentioned in my blog “look who’s back” that I am stuck in middle of a personal issue , which is draining me emotionally !!! I am trying to gather myself up again !!! But I guess this is not really that easy …

Anyways just to divert my mind and to make my heart feel better , I started writing stories again .

i also started something which i haven’t done since ages which is- “Drawing”,”Painting”,”colouring” whichever you wanted to say !!! Well i am not a good artist or something , infact me and drawing are like “on and off couples”. Let me explain this to you-

sometimes I make something and people around me appreciate the ” purple potato” made by me and I have to tell them it’s a painting of an ocean and a glowing moon {I am not even exaggerating} and sometimes I paint something so good that people start asking me that if I have kidnapped the artist and made him paint this on gun point ????{ silly people , how can they think so??? I mean I don’t have a licensed gun!!! {Knives work well tho}

so right now my relationship with art is going well, that’s why I am going to share some of my recent painting !!! I love colours a lot , that’s why I rarely made any pencil sketches !!! In these paintings , I have used “oil pastels”.

let me know ,what do you think about them and which one you like the most ??

image courtesy – my phone’s gallery

Thank you for readingπŸ’—πŸ’—

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I am learning to write stories , An introvert's attempt to express

60 thoughts on “My Relationship

  1. Girl I am so sorry you have to go through something like that!😣 I wish I knew a way to make things easier for you!❀ I loved your paintings! They were GORGEOUS!! My favorite one was the city with the lights.😍😍 Great job! Keep on believing things will turn out for the best.😘❀

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  2. Beautiful paintings Vani. All arts are therapeutic and God willing all your issues would be a thing of the past soon. Shall pray for you.

    Once you had mentioned on how to get paid through adsπŸ€”

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        Thank you sir

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