Book review- The secret of plants in the environment ||||| By – Dr. Rishikesh upadhyay||||

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So as you all know I am a student from biology stream and I come across many course related books of Botany and Zoology respectively !!! The last book I read was “The secret of plants in the environment” which is beautifully written by “Dr. Rishikesh upadhayay”

Confidence is not a wilted plant that can be
brought back to life with a bit of water. It is a
highly flammable object. Doubt sets it aflame
and destroys it irreparably
– Michele Halberstadt, “The Pianist in the Dark”

some quotes from the book , you will find such beautiful quotes at the beginning of each chapter

In early classes of our school life , we get to know that “Plants are living” just like us they cook their own food , respirate and also excerete !!!! This books is there to brushen up our minds from basic to advance level on plant life cycle. You may feel like this is academic book , which by the way I recommend for and Botany students but the language of the book is so simple for everyone to understand.

This book will be useful for all the plant lovers and also for the curious heads out there as this books deals with interaction of plant with environment , how the plants cope up with stress when the environment changes and how pollution caused by us is affecting them badly!!!!!

The book contain a total of seventeen chapters which also gives insights into the beginning stages of plant cycles, environmental stress physiology ,how the concentration of nutrients, water affects the growth of plants. { A small trivia from the book-. The excess amount of water and nutrients leads to plants’ death. It must be balanced.} and adaptation mechanisms , for more clear and insightful understanding the flowcharts , pie charts and beautiful diagrams is present in the book.

So my final thoughts about this book is if you want to know more about the “primary producers” aka “plants” this book will be a great help for you !!! Although I suggest you to give it a slow read to totally grasp all the scientific term written there . I really like this book and this really prove beneficial for my studies . After reading this book the plant life will be no longer be a secret for you.

This plant represents what’s happening inside
of you. The world, like the soil, is cold and
dark – layered with a history of destruction and
death. You were planted in this world to rise
above it. Do you not see? The very existence
of this darkness gives you the opportunity to
become a light to the world.
– Seth Adam Smith,
“Rip Van Winkle and the Pumpkin Lantern”

A beautiful quote from the book

If you want to grab a copy of this book , it is available on Amazon.

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