Short story- The transition

“Yesterday you were looking very beautiful, my love !!!!!!!!! I know you are stressesd due to the work , your boss is really a big trouble maker !!! But you don’t have to worry about him any more !!! Also the bracelet you brought yesterday from the mall , is very pretty but it can be very pricky, so be careful while wearing it as I can’t see you in pain my love, I know, today your dad on call was talking about your alliance with some engineer guy , just tell him that you don’t want to marry that idiot !!!! You are only mine !! I love you so much !!! ” The message ended.

“wow Jenny !!! Your boyfriend loves you so much !!! I wish I find someone like him too, where do you guys meet ?? Who proposed first???” I started teasing Jenny , my new roommate after reading this letter which was tucked in a huge bouquet of red roses and was kept on our balcony’s coffee table when we returned from the office.

“But I don’t have a boyfriend” she replied nervously, the visible fear in her eyes and sweat drops on her forehead was telling a different tale.

The transition from “romance” to “horror” was real quick.

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Published by vaniheart

I am learning to write stories , An introvert's attempt to express

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