Short story- Reunion

“Her condition is very serious, she don’t have much time left” , the doctor said

I stood their still , shocked and trying to absorb whatever he just said ,

“Is she really leaving me??”, I felt like someone punched me really hard on my chest, I wanted to cry but tears betrayed me.

The Doctor said , “you can meet her “

With heavy steps ,I went towards her room , she has became very pale and weak, with all those different tubes inserted in her body , her sunken eyes and tired expressions made her look lifeless.

I gathered all my strength and asked her , “you need anything granny ???”

She looked at me and with a faint smile she nodded

“What is it ?” , I asked

“kajal{Kohl}”, she replied in a very weak voice.

“Kohl ?????!!” , I was surprised,as I was not expecting this answer,

“But why???” I enquired.

Your grandfather loved my eyes whenever I used to apply kajal {Kohl} , he didn’t let me leave my eyes without kajal{Kohl} ,even for a single day,

“Now when I am going to meet him again in heaven ,how can I leave without it”. She replied and blushed like a newlywed while imagining about her reunion.

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NEET 2020 – Chapterwise Mock Exams

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I am learning to write stories , An introvert's attempt to express

41 thoughts on “Short story- Reunion

    1. Hmmmm bribing me😏😏
      Ok won’t arrest you this time πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
      On a serious note ,thank you very much πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
      Your work is awesome like you

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  1. Vaniheart, you have an amazing talent of spreading sunshine, smiles and hopes through your most interesting heart tugging stories and thoughts. Impressive. Got immersed in your stories on granny asking for kohl and the one with Rehan on smoking. Will check your other blogs too. In the meantime you can visit my blog site, Maverick Yogi at

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