Hey, all my name is “Shivani Priyadarshni”, I have chosen my blog’s name to be “Vani heart”, as “Vani” means “sound or voice” in Hindi and this blog is the voice of my heart thus “vaniheart”. I am 20 years old and I am a student and studying hard to fulfill my childhood dream. I like to draw and also dancing {only when no one is looking}. I am a simple girl who finds happiness in little things and I am a strong believer in the term “live and let live”.

So i’m a student, who whenever wants a break from studies writes blog ..

I am a newbie in writing blogs , but want to learn it for the sake of experience and most importantly to express myself as I am an introvert in real life so my words and thoughts remain burried inside me , so I am hopeful that this platform will help me to explore the real me …

Thank you for following me or liking my blog , all you lovely people

check out my work

Story- Free bird

When I first saw her, I couldn’t believe that she is under police custody, she has the most beautiful pair of blue eyes, black and curly long hair tucked neatly in a bun, I was assigned as her ‘psychiatrist’ on the court orders as they wanted to know is she ”mentally ill’ or not??!! ‘Tambe’Continue reading “Story- Free bird”

Short story- Cute fights

I am a sub inspector at gomti nagar police station and also a mother of two lovely children , some times I get really tired to find balance between work and home, “i will apply for leave this Saturday” I thought while i was wearing my uniform. Suddenly I heard “Thadddd” and then loud cryingContinue reading “Short story- Cute fights”

Happy what!!!!???

Hey guys !!!!! How are you all doing ??? Resumed your work or still stuck ?? so last night when I was about to sleep ,suddenly my brain found the perfect time to remind me of an “embarrassing incident” which happened exactly three years ago and I was like voila !!!! Sleep ruined but IContinue reading “Happy what!!!!???”


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