Short story- Cute fights

I am a sub inspector at gomti nagar police station and also a mother of two lovely children , some times I get really tired to find balance between work and home, “i will apply for leave this Saturday” I thought while i was wearing my uniform. Suddenly I heard

“Thadddd” and then loud crying of ruhi my daughter , “ahhh they started again” I mumbled.

I went to their room ,ruhi was crying inconsolably and vansh her big brother was mocking her ,

“What happened ruhi ? Why are you crying ?” I made her sit in my lap and asked,

“Vansh bhaiya slapped me” ,she replied and flashed her left cheek in front of me which has became red , she started crying again.

Vansh why did you slapped your younger sister, I asked with a strictness in my voice

“She was not listening to me” ,vansh replied

I was getting late for my duty so I tried to console ruhi by giving her cookies, anyways this is their everyday routine, first they will fight and then will become friends again , I put her to sleep and asked vansh to not trouble ruhi and came out of their room and thought “these children and their cute fights” and smiled .

At police station –

I was engrossed in an important case file, suddenly a girl of almost 23 years of age came in front of me

She had a plaster on her left hand, several bruises on her face and body, as if someone had beaten her badly

“Domestic violence??” I enquired , as in my career I have seen many such cases .

She noded but didn’t speak a word

“Your husband or in laws??” I further enquired

She shook her head for a ‘no’ and said “mam I am unmarried”

“Who did this to you then ??”I asked surprisingly

“My brother” she replied

“What??? But why ?? “I had an uneasiness in my tone, what kind of brother beats her sister this badly,do their parents don’t teach them anything.

“Because I was not listening to him” she said and started sobbing.

I don’t know why but in her bruised face I saw glimpse of ruhi, as if she was sitting in front of me and was crying, I felt a pain in my heart,

I asked in low tone “since when all this started??”

“Since CHILDHOOD”, she replied.


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Thank you all💟💟

Happy what!!!!???

Hey guys !!!!!

How are you all doing ??? Resumed your work or still stuck ??

so last night when I was about to sleep ,suddenly my brain found the perfect time to remind me of an “embarrassing incident” which happened exactly three years ago and I was like voila !!!! Sleep ruined but I had a good laugh !!!So I decided to share this with you all –

This was my friend’s birthday and we {me and my other friends} decided to surprise her , so we chose her best friend’s place , we decorated the place with balloon,candles and “Happy birthday” written posters and birthday caps {in case anyone missed the point that it was a birthday party, you have to be sure, isn’t it??} , Birthday cake ,coke and pasta and chocolates {yummy} have been arranged on the beautifully decorated table {kind of great party}

We were waiting for the “celebrity of the day” to come , be surprised {because it is lot of a hard work to plan a party and if it is surprise party,” exhausted” is the word, so she better be surprised} cut the cake so I can finally savour the goodies {priorities right??} , While we were waiting , her best friend was constantly guiding us one thing “As soon as birthday girl arrives just scream on the top of your lungs “Happy birthday” ,she repeated this multiple times “,just say happy birthday,just say happy birthday “, I got irritated {maybe impatient, I mean their is hot and yummy pasta kept on the table but you can’t eat it and the girl is taking way too much time} and in fit of irritation , I said “of course if it’s birthday ,we will say happy birthday and not happy anniversary, come on you”{hunger literally makes your horns visible}. And then suddenly the birthday girl arrived and we all are about to wish her but my poor little brain got confused and couldn’t process this much information at a time and before anyone could have said anything , I blurted out , no I almost screamed !!!!!!!!


the pin drop silence for the 10 seconds and those staring eyes made me realise about what I have just done and then their was never ending fit of laughter, everyone was going crazy and though I tried hard to hide, my embarrassment was quite visible and her best friend whom I schooled a minute ago was going like “sis you were talking, huhhhh”. I was the highlight of the party that day .

My friends and my brain don’t let me forget this thing till now and though I always say , I meant “Happy birth anniversary” they never buy it, do you people believe me??? *innocent puppy face*

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Story- Free bird

When I first saw her, I couldn’t believe that she is under police custody, she has the most beautiful pair of blue eyes, black and curly long hair tucked neatly in a bun, I was assigned as her ‘psychiatrist’ on the court orders as they wanted to know is she ”mentally ill’ or not??!!

Photo by Myicahel Tamburini on

Tambe’ the constable was telling me about her case, she had committed a ‘series of murders,’ and when she was finally caught by the police she started acting all weird and this is how she ended up in this asylum.

Tambe was telling me details about ‘who‘ and ‘how‘ she killed the people, but I don’t know what happened to me I was just gazing directly into her eyes as she was looking into mine, she was sitting there on the chair quietly with her hand cuffed!!! Tambe kept blabbering about how dangerous she is and was warning me to stay safe but I couldn’t listen to a single word he said. Finally, he left the room, and then there was just the two of us.

It was not my first case like this, as, in my career ,I have dealt with many ‘criminals‘ but there was something about her that was making me ‘weak‘. I never believed in the “love at first sight” thing but today destiny had different plans, I guess.

We both sat there quiet and just gazing into each other’s eye for the next 5 minutes, had it not been the ‘handcuffs‘, the ‘asylum’s dark stained wall‘ and ‘tensed environment‘, I would have considered it as a ‘date‘.

When I felt that she was a little comfortable now, I started asking the questions.

“Hello Panchhi, that’s a beautiful name”.

She looked at me with such disbelief, maybe I was the one who has talked to her nicely after a long time, her tense expressions softened but she didn’t speak.

For another half an hour I tried hard to make her answer my questions but she didn’t speak a single word. I was getting exhausted.

At last, I said, “Panchhi, I am your doctor but you can consider me as your friend, see I just want to—“

“You’re a doctor” she exclaimed, I can see a sense of happiness in her eyes, “I thought you are one of these bad police uncles” she continued in her childish voice.

I was very relieved that she finally spoke and I concluded that maybe she has a special place for doctors!!! Now, this makes my work easy.

“Yes, Panchhi!! I am a doctor, you wanted to become a doctor too??”

“No my fiancee was a doctor” she exclaimed with joy but suddenly became sad and said “but he was a bad-bad man”

“Why Panchhi??!!, why he was a bad man” I inquired while looking at her records, she has killed her fiancee by stabbing him directly into his heart!!! I shivered for a while but continued to ask her the questions.

“Because he was trying to touch me badly and was hurting me” she started sobbing and in the next moment started laughing hysterically.

My eyes welled up a little, this poor girl has seen such a tough time in her life, she killed that monster in her self-defense, “but why did you killed the other 8 people whom you didn’t even know??!!” I inquired again.

“Do you know what is the meaning of Panchhi?” She asked me, completely avoiding my question.

I also let it go as I don’t want to be too harsh on her, “Panchhi means Bird” I replied.

“And bird always wants to be free, and not in any cage, a bird wants to fly happily and freely in the beautiful sky,” she said with a smile.

I also smiled back and nodded my head in a ‘yes!!’ I don’t know why but I was getting attracted to her.

“Can I draw a picture of bird on your arms please” she requested this with utter innocence.

“sure” and I handed over a pen to her and removed her handcuffs, though it was pretty risky as she could attack me with that pen, but look at her, who will say that she had committed 9 murders, “but why? The other 8 “. This question kept bothering me and on the other hand, she kept drawing.

“How’s it??” She inquired

“Beautiful Panchhi, beautiful bird” I replied.

“Ok so now I need to pee, close your eyes” she declared.

“No, no not here!!” I got embarrassed, I signaled the female constable to take her to the washroom. And started assembling my stuff and went back to the police chamber while my mind was completely occupied by her thoughts.

“She is so innocent Tambe, just like a child”, I said.

“No, she’s not!!” Senior inspector Vikas entered the chamber with a bundle of files in his hand and started showing me that and continued –

“Her fiancee who was a doctor, used to molest her physically, which started to develop trauma in her mind, she begins to lose her senses!! One day his fiancee while trying to show her, his new tattoo of a bird, started to molest her again!!! She couldn’t bear it anymore and stabbed him again and again until he was dead. That day she finally laughed after so many days, she felt a sense of relief and joy in her newly found freedom , and then she started to enjoy killing people.”

Photo by NEOSiAM 2020 on

“One more interesting thing which I noticed after going through this case is, she only kills ‘doctors’ as she thinks of them as ‘her fiancee’ and whoever is her next target is, ‘she draws a picture of a bird on that person’s arms and then stab them to death.”

A chill went down my spine, “draws w-w-what!!?!”, I stammered while looking at the bird’s picture on my arms.

“sir Panchhi escaped!!!” The female constable came running hurriedly, her forehead was bleeding.

“Escaped!!! What do you mean??? How??” Inspector Vikas almost screamed.

“Must be gone after her next target” Tambe exclaimed

“Who can be her new target??!!” Inspector Vikas muttered.

I showed the drawing on my arms to them, I could hardly speak, my whole body was trembling, my heart was pounding very fast and I can feel her words echoing in my ears that-

“bird always wants to be free, and not in any cage, a bird wants to fly happily and freely in the beautiful sky,”

Photo by Kunal Baroth on

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Reblog- Munchkin Turns Two Much

You all have to read this , such a cute experience 💖💖💖
And if you loved it too , please follow her blog-


Me & My Girl

My little munchkin has turned 2!!!.

A happiness that she has grown up, can Walk, Run, Talk, Respond to my questions, choose her favorite dress,understand her surrondings.

But I was a little sentimental that she will be leaving my arms soon, will enjoy her time on her own, no more Amma calls, hugs and cuddles before nap time. She is learning to be independent. Though it’s a relief for me in one way but I keep recalling the past 2 years with my baby.

My memory goes back to the days when she was in my tummy when I didn’t see a bump, I kept touching my belly to know where she would be and waited for the scanning day to see her cute face.Whenever she does a new task or when she acts funny it strikes my brain “Is this the little fetus? from those scans has grown up…

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Happy New year

“Happy New Year” , this is what whole world is screaming out right now , I can hear the voices of crackers bursting, people screaming, dancing on upbeat music and being all chirpy as no matter how the year went, one must be happy in the parties and here I am sitting on my chair in a dark room and in a dilemma that whether I should publish this post or not ??!! As no one wants to read a gloomy tale on New year !!! Then this reality hit me hard that the sole purpose of this blog was to vent out my feelings and I started thinking about what other people will think as if real life was not enough for that , so finally decided to post this.

I see people raving about how this year is bad , not worth of anything and what not !!! Well for me the past all years (after 2016) were bad (this one was worse though) …. Ever had this feeling , that the heaviness of your heart has surpassed the weight of your body , that someone has passed a sword through your heart and instead of taking it out, left it there only !!!! This is how I always feel irrespective of my mood, whether I am laughing, dancing , talking to others , angry or sad , this feeling is constant. This unrest is constant.

Things are getting more twisted with each passing year !!! Right now visions of all the past New years are crossing my mind and how on every New Year I just wished one thing that until next year may this mess gets cleared out of my life but destiny had different plans and with every year passing, my life just got more and more messy !!!! I don’t know if I have the courage to wish something like that again but I am writing this post with the hope that when I will read this post again on next new year , I wanna read this with a smile on my face and thinking that my hardship is finally over , but one can only wish !!!!

Anyways all I want to say is HAPPY NEW YEAR to all , stay healthy, stay safe and always be grateful for the things you have in life , never ever take things for granted in your life….

Photo by Jill Wellington on

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Awards: year finale

So this “lovely” year is finally ending. This year has been a quite a challenge for all of us and one can only hope and pray things to get better in coming future .

Anyways this is gonna be my last award post of this year , I am pretty excited for this, so let’s jump right into it-

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Pavithra” from “Small talks” nominated me for this award, she is such a wonderful blogger and also very supportive , guys do checkout her awesome blog and you will surely love it.💟💟

She nominated me for the “sunshine blogger award” and when I noticed the questions , I found out that I have already done this one so I am linking that post below , do check it out …. But Thanks Pavithra for nominating me 😊😊


Mystery blogger award

ooooohhhhhhh !!!! Mysterious !!!!😎😎😎 huuhhhh

“Poorwa” nominated me for this one. Do checkout her blog for daily dose of motivation as she shares them with the world in the form of “quotes” and “lyrics”, she writes beautiful poems too and you can always have a glimpse of her beautiful garden through her blogs. Thanks poorwa for the nomination💟💟💟

The Rules…

  • Display the award logo on your blog.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Mention Okoto Enigma, the creator of the award.
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
  • Answer 5 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
  • Nominate 10 – 20 bloggers.
  • Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog.
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice, including 1 weird or funny question.
  • Share the link to your best post.
Three things about me…
  • I can’t read my old texts which i have sent to someone, I don’t know why but I cringe so hard.
  • I am a hell lot of a over thinker.
  • I read each and every post (no matter how long it is) here on WordPress, I never press “like” button just for the sake of it, also sometimes when I am pressing that like button , my clumsy fingers touch the “following” button accidentally and bamm the blogger gets unfollowed. So if I start appearing too much in your notification bar , you now know whom to blame (my fingers, not me).
My Answers-

What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

That it is my medium to vent out my feelings and words plus it helps me to connect to all those wonderful bloggers out there. You learn something new everyday.

Do you worry a lot?

On the scale from 1 to 10, where 1 being lowest and 10 highest, I am somewhat around ummmmm….. 3000.!!!!!

Do you like to take risks or play safe?

Ummmm well , of course the thought of “taking risk” entice me but I always “play safe”.

What’s the color that reflects your personality?

“Red” the colour of extreme love , extreme anger and I am somewhat juggling between the two.

What’s the one thing you don’t like about yourself?

That I don’t take stand for myself.

My favorite post will be- SMOKING

The “For Moi” tag

I really like the “thought” behind this tag . Thanks “Vivian” and “Poorwa” for tagging me in this one.

so, Vivian of “Chocoviv’s lifestyle blog”  tagged me for this one, she regularly post “Movie reviews”, “ Book reviews ” and really have some good recommendations, also she is a great artist and sketches various cartoon and movie characters !!!! Do follow her blog, if you haven’t already !!!!!

Thank you Akriti Jha for starting this very unique tag.

Please read below, according to Akriti Jha:

What is this tag about?

We maintain a fake image on social media. And I think all will agree with this. It’s not our fault though, we do it to avoid criticism and hate, but deep inside the fakeness doesn’t feel right. Whenever you fill your bio or tell someone about yourself, you mention all the good things. No one likes to mention their imperfections. This tag will help you to post something that’s not fake, something that’s for yourself!

What should your post be like?

While making the post keep in mind that nobody is perfect. Give a link to the original post for more people to know about this tag. You need to mention any of your 3 imperfections and a situation which made you feel insecure/guilty. There more people like you sharing the same imperfections. The most important thing is you need to mention “No one is perfect and I’m no exception“. 


  1. Display the logo of this tag and the rules on your post.
  2. Thank the person who tagged you.
  3. Give a link to the original post.
  4. Mention 3 imperfections about yourself and also mention a situation which made you feel insecure/guilty.
  5. Very IMPORTANT –> You need to mention “No one is perfect and I’m no exception“.
  6. Tag 7 or more people.

My Three Imperfections

  1. I am a very clumsy person, I get bruises on my body every other day .
  2. I over think and self doubt a lot.
  3. I can even ruin the simplest thing under pressure.
Insecure Situation

My career is kind of at a hault now, I am 20, and things are not going well for me , the people who were with me during school are now at a much better place than me and here I am at nothing …. So whenever I meet them or when anyone ask me “what I am doing??” I start feeling insecure….and I have started avoiding people for the vary same reason.

I just wish in the year 2021 , I can achieve what I wanted so I can finally came out of the shell I have created around me from the past 2-3 years….

“No one is perfect and I’m no exception“

I tag all of you to do this tag as it very unique and thoughtful and you must do this….

“Never have I ever” book tag

Anushka” tagged me in this interesting tag , where I will get 1 point for every “yes” and nothing for a “no”. Guys do checkout “Anushka’s blog” , she writes cute little stories and poem , which you will definitely love , do follow her and help her grow.

The Rules :
  • Link back to original creator: Madame Writer.
  • Link back to the person who tagged you or the blog where you first saw this tag.
  • Answer all prompts.
  • Add one more prompt of your own.
  • Tag at least 5 people.
  • Don’t lie.
  • Have fun!
My answers :

Never Have I Ever read a later book in a series before reading the first book

Never, I can never do that because if I do that , I will start feeling really uneasy and even while reading the second book my brain will constantly remind me “hey but you didn’t read the first one”.

Never have I ever burnt a book

Yes I have but not intentionally , it was a honest mistake . I was not be able to find the stand of mosquito coil which I have already ignited , so I placed it on my book and went to search the stand and meanwhile the half side of the book got burned. I am still sorry about what happened.

Never Have I Ever read a book I knew I would hate

Yes I have !!! But I am not gonna name it.

Never Have I Ever wrote a fanfiction about my favorite books

Never !!! Also I don’t like fan fictions so….

Never Have I Ever loved a book when I was young and hated it when I got older

Yes I have !!!

Never Have I Ever dressed up as one of my favorite literary characters

Never !!! Though I always wanted to do this thing !!

Never Have I Ever hated a book by an author I love

Yes I have !!!!

Never Have I Ever gone into a bookstore to buy one book and come out with many more

Never !!! Just because I mostly order my books online.

Never Have I Ever read the end of a book before reading the beginning

I will never ever do this !!! I can not ruin the first time experience for me.

Never Have I Ever read a book without the dust cover

Yes I have many times , mostly when I borrow a book from someone .

Never Have I Ever skim read nearly half a book

Yes I have, mostly the books I don’t like !!!

Never Have I Ever spoiled a book for someone.

Yes I have😝😝😝😝

Never Have I Ever seen the movie before reading the book

Yes I have !!! Harry potter is the one.

Never Have I Ever lost a book

Never !!!!!!!

NEVER EVER HAVE I read the book upside down 

I have !!!! If you had read one of the goosebumps series book , which is “Give Yourself Goosebumps” where the reader decides how the story will be going according to the choices reader make !! In that book you have to turn the book upside down for choosing the next prompt !!! Its fun !!!

My score- 9/15

My prompt-

Never have I ever dozzed off while reading a book.

i tag all the book lovers out there for this fun tag !!!

so with this all the awards and tags for the month of December and also for this year came to end !!! I want to thank everyone who have nominated for these and also to some with great patience one’s who actually made it to this very last section !!! You people are love💟💟💟 Thank you !!!

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Short story- A Christmas Tale

All the children were really excited , they were proudly showing off their Christmas presents to each other, which of course “Santa” brought for them (what do you know??) , after a lovely dinner they all circled me .

Apprantely this has became a Christmas tradition for us now , after dinner they ask their grandmother, which is me, to tell a horror story and the most intriguing thing is that they want to hear the “same story” everytime as they think this is the most horrific story they have ever heard. (And they are not completely wrong, I must say)

They all gathered around the fire place , I cleared my throat and started-

“So the year was 2020————–“

Photo by Oleg Zaicev on

Hey Guys,

Merry Christmas🎄🎄🎄🎁🎁

As this “lovely” year is ending, I have written this short story as my humble contribution to increase the already surrounded cliché around it, and I finally did it😝😝😝(please don’t unfollow me). All I want to say take care of yourself , stay safe and be happy (at least try to😝).

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Short story- Reunion

“Her condition is very serious, she don’t have much time left” , the doctor said

I stood their still , shocked and trying to absorb whatever he just said ,

“Is she really leaving me??”, I felt like someone punched me really hard on my chest, I wanted to cry but tears betrayed me.

The Doctor said , “you can meet her “

With heavy steps ,I went towards her room , she has became very pale and weak, with all those different tubes inserted in her body , her sunken eyes and tired expressions made her look lifeless.

I gathered all my strength and asked her , “you need anything granny ???”

She looked at me and with a faint smile she nodded

“What is it ?” , I asked

“kajal{Kohl}”, she replied in a very weak voice.

“Kohl ?????!!” , I was surprised,as I was not expecting this answer,

“But why???” I enquired.

Your grandfather loved my eyes whenever I used to apply kajal {Kohl} , he didn’t let me leave my eyes without kajal{Kohl} ,even for a single day,

“Now when I am going to meet him again in heaven ,how can I leave without it”. She replied and blushed like a newlywed while imagining about her reunion.

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